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Key Facilities
Flour Milling

0135- tinyOur four modern state-of-the-art flour mills in the heart of the Australian wheatbelt (Gunnedah, Manildra, Narrandera and Nowra in NSW) produce a full range of wheat flours, bakery mixes and associated specialist products such as durum semolina for pasta, for domestic and export markets.

These four mills together process over one million metric tonnes of wheat per annum (almost one-sixth of NSW’s total annual production) – enough flour to make over 100 loaves of bread every second.

We are focused on utilising 100 per cent of the grain by adding value to our by-product streams of bran and pollard, enabling farmers and other end-users to derive the best nutrition possible from their wheatstock.

Our Gunnedah mill in northern NSW has access to high-protein hard and durum wheats. Careful wheat selection and highly-efficient purifiers in this modern plant guarantees the highest-grade semolinas are produced, ensuring our customers can manufacture consistent quality and uniform colour that meet every requirement of premium pasta production.

Our Manildra mill, in central west NSW is the largest flour mill in Australia. This mill grinds wheats to produce a full range of flours, from low-protein biscuit flours and protein-enriched flours through to household and baker’s flours and specialty flours tailored to the needs of our customers, both domestically and in many export markets.

Our Narrandera mill in southern NSW is ideally located to draw quality wheats from both dry land and irrigated crops in the MIA (Murrumbidgee Irrigation Area). This enables us to produce quality flour for biscuit manufacturers, bakery  and specialty flours as required, to competitively service customers in NSW and Victoria.

Our Nowra mill on the NSW south coast was installed in 2011 to provide the raw materials to our on-site starch and gluten plant. This highly efficient mill enables us to ensure best-cost manufacturing of this flour supply.

Our reputation for quality, reliability, service and innovation has made Manildra a trusted and preferred supplier to a number of Australia’s most famous brands. This reputation extends globally, where we export speciality flours to over 28 countries for numerous applications including bakery, pasta and noodle, tortilla, batters and breadings, and breakfast cereals.

Competing on a global stage has required us to adopt world-best practice processes for premium quality  through a number of mechanisms – including each mill being supported by a central purchasing division that has ample access at all times to a range of high-quality wheats. In addition, all mills have a fully-equipped, accredited laboratory and quality control systems – and no product leaves a site without being trialled in our test bakeries. Our investment in world-best practice processes for quality has given Manildra customers confidence and trust in product  performance and reliability.

As the world develops and changes, so does Manildra. To maintain our competitiveness, sustainability and preferred supplier status, we continue to research and invest in improving manufacturing efficiencies, commercialising new technologies, being environmentally responsible, and continuously inventing new products to feed the world. This process starts in our fully-resourced research and development facility staffed by a diverse balance of highly-skilled scientists, engineers and food technologists. The team of specialists are customer-driven and pride themselves on finding commercially viable solutions to the challenges customers present, working every day on solutions to these projects. Our equally customer-focused sales team are also on hand to help with any enquiries or product solutions.

Shoalhaven Starches

Shoalhaven StarchesThe largest wheat starch and gluten plant of its kind in the world operates the most advanced industry technology to extract value-added products from 100 per cent of the wheat grain, in conjunction with our world-first sustainable ethyl alcohol (ethanol) distillery at Nowra, NSW.

Processing quality flour  from our three flour mills in the NSW wheatbelt and from the onsite Nowra flour mill, we supply domestic and export markets with a range of gluten, starch, glucose, ethanol and stockfeed products crucial to a variety of industries from food and confectionery to brewing and building.

The fully-integrated process separates the gluten (protein) from the flour and processes the remaining starch (carbohydrate) fraction into a range of food and industrial-grade starches, glucose syrups and ethanol products. The waste from this process is fully utilised to make our valuable Manildra Stockfeed products.  Shoalhaven Starches is Australia’s largest producer of ethanol  for all applications– from high-grade beverage and pharmaceutical to industrial and fuel.

A state-of-the art water treatment facility processes all water used in the industrial process to produce biogas and potable-grade water for re-use in the plant and adjacent environmentally-friendly farm.

Our products are supported by our expert Technical Support team and fully-resourced research and development facility. These teams are dedicated to meeting our customers’ requirements. Contact us for more information on our full range of products.

Our products comprise a significant proportion of starch used globally and contribute to Manildra being one of the biggest exporters through Australia’s biggest port.

MSM Milling

MSM Milling Canola An integral part of the Manildra Group, our joint venture with MacSmith Milling specialises in producing non-GM canola oil for export to 12 countries and supplies some of Australia’s largest food companies, including Simplot, KFC, Bakers Delight and McCormick Food. Built alongside the oilseed refinery, a fully-integrated manufacturing and filling facility with the latest European technology makes Manildra Packing a cost-effective, quality-assured supplier of packaged oil for domestic and export markets. Our virtually transfat-free (VTF), animal-fat free and cholesterol-free range of fats and oils for The Healthy Baker brand are made from the highest-quality vegetable oils.

We make enough canola oil in a month to replace 5000 tonnes of imported saturated frying fat (40,000 tonne annually), helping improve Australians’ health by replacing imported saturated frying fat with Australian-grown and crushed canola oil. Adding value to the crushed oilseed, protein meal is extracted for processing in our new state-of-the-art, purpose-built pelletising plant, producing a comprehensive range of stockfeed blends, sourced from the by-products of our flour mills, sugar refineries and alcohol/ethanol distillery and tailored to meet the specific nutritional needs of high-production ruminants.

To cater for international demand, new silos and a container loading facility allow pellets to be transported by rail to port and on to export markets. For more information on the full range of vegetable oil and stockfeed products, see the MSM Milling website.

Manildra Harwood Sugars / NSW Sugar Milling Cooperative

Harwood SugarsThe Sunshine Sugar joint venture with the NSW Sugar Milling Cooperative at Harwood, NSW, produces refined, caster and DC raw sugars and syrups, with an annual production capacity of 250,000 metric tonnes of refined sugar and 30,000 metric tonnes of DC raw sugar.

Manildra Harwood Sugars is the only Australian-owned and sustainably-certified sugar manufacturer, the last-remaining Australian-owned sugar refiner, and the largest supplier of 100 per cent Australian-grown and refined packaged retail sugar to the domestic market.

Our high-quality refined sugar is distributed nationally in bulk, semi bulk, packaged and liquid form.

For more information about the full range of sugars, see the Sunshine Sugar/NSW Sugar Milling Cooperative website.

Manildra Meat Company

Manildra Meat CompanyHaving operated a cattle farm and stockfeed business, Manildra’s entry into the meat industry was a natural progression.
Our state-of-the-art abattoir at Cootamundra in the Riverina heartland is situated among the world’s best regions for nurturing premium lamb and beef produced by family-based growers who have ties to the land over many generations.

With export access to 160 countries, we supply a range of premium-grade to natural lamb and beef in chilled, fresh frozen or whole carcase products to customers all over the world – including Asia, the Middle East, Northern America and Pacific Islands – and more than 200 supermarkets across Australia. Our product is also sold into food service industries such as catering, restaurants, cafes, niche butchers and farmers markets.

For more information on our natural lamb and natural grass-fed Angus beef, see the Manildra Meat Company website.

Manildra USA

keyfacilities_USASince 1952, Manildra has earned a worldwide reputation as the leader in vital wheat gluten, native and modified starches, specialty wheat proteins and alcohol.

Our United States operation was launched in 1972 to market Australian wheat products to North America.

Manildra Group USA is dedicated to providing excellence in products and services by employing the best in personnel, facilities, systems and suppliers.

We build customer trust through responsiveness, expertise and innovation, delivering quality products as defined by our customers at prices that reflect our efficiencies.

For more information on our global operations, see the Manildra USA website.


Manildra Group TransportRail:
As the first private rail operator to be accredited in NSW in 1995, Manildra runs about 40 trains hauling more than 2 million tonnes a year of flour, wheat, grain and export containers (not including sugar), including 18 wheat trains, 6 flour trains and 5 export services. We own more than 150 wagons and shunt locomotives at loading sites at Manildra, Gunnedah, Nowra, Harwood, Narrandera, Bomaderry, Grafton, Clyde and Port Botany in NSW, and Kensington in Melbourne, Victoria.

Round-the-clock deliveries for our bakery ingredients and oils range from bulk food grade tankers down to 10kg bags.

We are the largest supplier of packaged retail flour to the Australian grocery market, supplying premium 100 per cent of the Australian market’s private label and branded product to every major retailer. All packaging options are covered in a multitude of delivery configurations.