Cane Harvest- Media Release

Following another solid growing season for sugar cane in the Northern Rivers, all three Sunshine Sugar Mills have reported a successful crush as the NSW harvest season came to a close this week.
The 2016 season saw more than 2.1m tonnes of sugar cane cut and crushed across the Condong, Broadwater and Harwood mills.
Approximately 582,500 tonnes of cane has been processed in the Tweed Valley, with some 20,000 tonnes of this coming from Rocky Point. Richmond River produced approximately 850,000 tonnes, and the Clarence River growers provided almost 700,000 tonnes. All three growing areas reported minimal disruption to operations throughout the season and saw CCS or sugar content up on both forecast and the previous several years’ performance.
Sunshine Sugar has reported that the majority of this season’s crop was harvested with dry ground conditions allowing the ratoon crop to establish well. These same dry conditions have however presented some challenges getting the new plant crop established.
Chief Executive Officer, Mr Chris Connors remarked, “The combination of a good harvest season, higher CCS, improved sugar prices, high factory efficiencies, and recent rainfalls all coinciding, is setting the scene for an even stronger year ahead for growers across the NSW Sugar Industry.”
It seems Northern Rivers cane growers can look forward to next season with well-established crops in place and a sugar price projected to be at an even higher level than this season.

Key Points:
 NSW Sugar Cane harvest season has ended
 More than 2.1m tonnes of cane cut in NSW
 CCS strongest in 3 years
 High factory efficiencies
 Season outlook positive for 2017

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