The Mill House Kitchen

Manildra Group is proud to throw open the doors to The Mill House Kitchen – our new ‘online kitchen’, an open, friendly and ever-evolving space to share recipes and stories from the farms and kitchens that are the backbone of what we do. The Mill House blog will tell our story and be a proud showcase of the high quality foods we grow and produce.

We gave this blog its name because it expresses everything we are about here – family, community, generosity and the simple pleasures of getting together at the kitchen table over a cup of tea and something baked with love.

The Mill House in its physical form is a lovely old home just next door to the Manildra Mill, central western NSW. Built over 100 years ago, it’s been the site of many a gathering for the Honan family and the people in our business. Most noteably it’s custodians, Neville and Dot Yeatman. Neville was the mill manager since the early 1960s and he and Dot have lived here since then. In this time, they’ve hosted politicians, international clients, staff parties and everything in-between and have more than a few great stories to tell.

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