Manildra Group and MSM Milling are the Lead Exhibitor at Australian National Field Days!

THE Australian National Field Days has been a fixture on the Orange region’s calendar for 65 years, but don’t come to the 2016 event simply expecting more of the same.

Field days committee chairman Dan Toohey leads a team of volunteers who understand the importance of being open to new ideas in a time of rapid change, particularly in agriculture.

“Field days have to change – if you don’t change you become irrelevant,” Dan said.

“Just as farmers and livestock producers have been adapting to rapid technological change in their industries, so we are evolving in terms of how we engage with the rural sector and the wider community.

“We are committed to advancing Australian agriculture and we’re always looking for new and innovative ways to do that, whether that be through using new technology and social media, or simply moving part of our event to a weekend so people who work off-farm can attend.

“We have also worked hard to ensure our event has wide appeal and can be enjoyed by the entire farm family.

“This also helps draw visitors who may not come from a farming background, but who can share in all the fantastic educational opportunities we provide and become advocates for the rural sector.”

Dan said he expected visitors to this year’s event to enjoy the behind-the-scenes experience offered by guest exhibitors MSM Milling and the Manildra Group.

“MSM Milling and the Manildra Group are both very innovative, locally owned companies that are big players in the farming area further west, as well as being great supporters of this region,” Dan said.

“As our special guest exhibitors they have created a very detailed, interactive exhibition.

“I think people will be interested to see behind the scenes regarding what these large manufacturers do, and how and why they do it.

“It’s not something you get an opportunity to see very often.

“We are happy to be involved with them this year.”

Article originally featured in “The Land”