Our Message, Our Vision

Food and industrial products

Above: Dick Honan (Chairman), and team discussing operational plans at the Nowra Plant.

Over the last 60 years we have consistently maintained a strategy of investment in regional Australia, by expanding and integrating our operations. Constant innovation has led to a diverse product range supplying industries from food to pharmacy, fuel and energy, building to brewing and more. Our Australian made ingredients are supplied to customers of all sizes from small bakeries to major corporations with some of the most recognized brands in the world.

Our flour mill in Manildra, New South Wales, where the company originated, is now the largest flour mill in Australia. Today, we mill enough flour in one second for 100 loaves of bread, processing over one million metric tonnes of wheat per annum – almost one-sixth of NSW’s total annual production.

Starch plant

Above: John Honan on site at Manildra’s environmental farm located at Nowra NSW.

Through our focus on innovation and sustainability of Australian manufacturing and agricultural industries, we have adopted a truly global outlook. This constant innovation has been necessary to maintain a competitive edge and to meet the ever-changing demands of the export market. We are driven to contribute to our nation’s export of superior food and value-added products, manufactured by our strong and sustainable domestic industries.

This drive to maintain international competiveness has led to us being one of the two largest exporters of containers through Sydney’s main port. We export to over 38 countries on every continent and domestically transport our products to more than 5000 locations across the nation.

Bakery products

Above: John Honan (Managing Director), Caroline Honan (Director) and Dick Honan (Chairman) at Australian Headquarters, Gladesville NSW.

We will achieve our strategic vision to further expand our diversity of quality, value-added manufactured products derived from Australian agriculture. Our goal is to profitably increase global market penetration through world-best practice processes and our singular commitment to complete customer satisfaction.

Our aim is to continue the growth and success for our company by helping our customers achieve success for theirs, because Together we Grow.

We are proud of the contribution our Manildra Foundation makes to the community.